Penetration Testing Approach
When you incorporate security features it helps to have a good understanding of how attackers think. By thinking like attackers and being aware of their likely tactics, you can be more effective when applying countermeasures. We understand attacker methodology and the anatomy of common attacks.

We analyze security from the perspective of threats, countermeasures, vulnerabilities, and attacks. The following is set of core terms and defined to avoid confusion and to ensure they are used in the correct context.

>  Asset. A resource of value such as the data in a database or on the file system, or a system resource
>  Threat. A potential occurrence malicious or otherwise that may harm an asset
>  Vulnerability. A weakness that makes a threat possible
>  Attack (or exploit).
An action taken to harm an asset
>  Countermeasure. A safeguard that addresses a threat and mitigates risk
>  Reports. We provide extensive reports and include fixes to our findings.  Also known as countermeasures

You need to know the threats that are most likely to impact your system to be able to build preventative threat models.

comprehensive           reportingS

Risk management is the key to a successful security strategy. We help organizations identify risk related to their information security 

risk management


Virtual IT Director d/b/a Virtual IT Security
A Cyber security Assessment company &
Virtual IT Director management services

Our penetration testing professionals have extensive hands on experience with  Active Directory, Routing & Switching, Firewalls, Application Development, Virtualization, Linux and Security.

Identify Security weaknessess

Virtual ​IT Security identified Key areas for improvement. The final deliverable was thorough and of high quality. We look forward to working with Viirtual IT Security next year.

​Broward, Volusia, Polk, Pinellas Counties.

  • On-site audits
  • Wireless testing
  • Extensive external tests
  • Social Engineering test
  • Vulnerability Tests
  • Legal compliance

Virtual IT Security delivered everything they promised. Our network security levels are tight and secure” Florida Banks


We Identify security weaknesses by analyzing your external and internal security controls in place.  This enables organizations to understand and minimize risk.

Superior technical         prowess

Our reports are comprehensive and valuable to both the technical staff and upper management level staff.

Virtual IT Security staff come from a information systems discipline.  Our president held the position of  Regional Security Officer, IT Director, CTO and Vital Records Manager 

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