We provide complete Wireless penetration testing and test for unauthorized outsiders attempting to gain access to internal networks.

IT Department audits

internal penetration testing


We test your security controls in place,  The goal is to access specific servers and crown jewels within the internal network by exploiting externally exposed



 Wireless Penetration Testing


Servers, applications and desktops are the backbone of your network. We will find the vulnerabilities and show

you how to fix them. 

Social Engineering Penetration Test are part

of an overall security penetration test; often

used to test an organization's "human network."

penetration Testing Services

​​A sample of our reports are available by request only.

Security awareness programs should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with Technology.


Audit of IT systems is an independent examination and evaluation of an organization's IT infrastructure, policies and operations.

 Security Awareness Training

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​External penetration Testing